Our Vision 

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Letter From the President 

Since our incorporation in 2014, we have come a long way. Our, company has grown from the two founders---Amber Robinson and me—to ten exceptionally talented and gifted individuals. While we are a small company serving the San Diego County region, our mission is large.


We have never altered our focus to bring to the stage theatrical productions conveying the history of our national mosaic. In addition we have provided advocacy for active duty military and veterans through workshops and special events. 

We need the support of all who love historical and socially aware theater that illuminates the past and challenges the present. The performing and visual arts are a critical component of the essential building blocks of a democracy. Yet, we see in every community, decisions made to limit or cut resources needed for them to function and serve the greater good. When a democracy loses the arts, they lose what is most important, a voice for reason against authoritarian rule. The performing and visual arts are a living part of Freedom of Speech as written into the First Amendment of our national constitution.

We vow to continue to bring meaningful, cause-based theatre to our growing audiences and to advocate for our nation’s heroes, active or veteran in old and new ways. Join us on our journey for a play or workshop and we promise you will be a lifelong friend.

Hal Berry


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Letter From the Artistic Director 

Upon joining the AHT team, I wanted to double down on the mission.  American History is complex.  Both the missteps and triumphs made in this country must be acknowledged, magnified, and scrutinized in hopes of creating equity for all.  American History Theater believes in creating conversations around historical events and the impact they have had on America today--whether good, bad, or ugly.  I fully intend on continuing to make theatre that is a springboard for conversation around American history and our Military, in hopes of creating a better understanding of these issues faced in our community.  I realize these conversations may be difficult, but the lack of conversation, examination and action is, in my opinion, why we are where we are today.  As Artistic Director, I can say with absolute conviction I am proud of the work we are producing and the conversations we are creating.  

Kandace Crystal 

Artistic Director