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Interactive Workshops

Shout and Stomp - Healing Through

Movement and Theatre 

In 2015 The American History Theater hosted its first event raise awareness about veterans issues. Over the years we have hosted various events and workshops to raise awareness around serious issues like Military Sexual Trauma, combat associated PTSD and reintegration anxiety. In 2017 we hosted our first Shout and Stomp in partnership with Cygnet Theatre. We realized we had found a perfect niche for trauma healing for veterans in San Diego. These interactive workshops use the concepts and exercises associated with dance and theatre to help trauma survivors reaquaint body, mind and soul. We have been lucky to have expressive arts therapists and dancers Erika Malone, Ofra Raz and Francine Hoffman come on board for the last two years, as well as SDSU theater professor, Dr. Katie Turner. Learn how to lose your anxiety, lighten your mood and return to the present just by moving your body. Take off your shoes wear comfortable clothes and join us at the next Shout and Stomp

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