Why are veterans important to The American History Theater? 

The American History Theater is a veteran-founded and veteran-run nonprofit. Founded by a Vietnam Era Navy corpsman and an Army combat veteran,we began our journey as a way to bring theatre to our community's servicemembers and veterans. Our mission has evolved over the years, but one thing has remained the same, our love of veterans and our dedication to raising awareness about veterans issues. Whether we are putting on a play that showcases the realities of war or military sexual trauma, or hosting workshops that educate veterans on alternative healing methods; our aim is to continue to educate and spread awareness to and for veterans through the arts. 

Our Senior Vice President, Amber Robinson, interviewing an Afghan father about his daughters attaining education in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan.

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Taken by our Senior Vice President during her time as an Army photojournalist in Afghanistan. This is a small ramp ceremony at Forward Operating Base Fenty in Jalalabad Afghanistan.

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Founder and President Hal Berry at the age of 17 as he was first joining the Navy as a corpsman.

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We look to be an educational, mobile project that reaches out to schools, military organizations, and other non-profits to bolster an ongoing nation-wide effort. Through workshops, seminary, conferences we look to form educational panels of fellow veterans, military affiliates, and even medical professionals; to discuss and action issues such as PTSD, military-to-civilian transition, and issues specifically related to women veterans. We look to add many voices speaking for our military men and women in the civilian sector.