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Awareness Through the Arts
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Help us keep our dream of cause-based  

community theatre alive. 


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are excited to offer you a last minute chance to virtually attend our upcoming fundraiser, "Rhyme and Reason: Songs About Things You Need to Know" starring Trisha Gooch with opening comedy by Erell! Due to the continuing threat of the COVID19 delta variant, we have cut ticket sales short to ensure we can socially distance the event for all attendees' safety and well being. But, we know there are many folks out there who would still love a chance to see a great show at a much reduced price from the comfort of home. Pour yourself a glass of wine, grab some sweets and log on September 18 at 6:30 PM to join us virtually for our first live show since 2019!


Our Mission

The American History Theater is dedicated to providing education through historical theater and creatively educating the public about and helping to heal veterans’ issues. We seek to provide information, inspiration, advocacy and healing through our continuing Mission to educate and raise social awareness through the arts.

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