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American History Theater Receives First Grant

American History Theater

We are very proud to announce that we have been awarded our first grant! We are completely indebted to Chris Bryan, who heads our technical crew, for taking the initiative to apply. The grant was generated by the Electronic Theater Controls company, and is geared to help non-profits in the performing arts realm of philanthropy.

“In case you didn’t know, this same company who designed and initially created theater lighting the way we know it today,” said Bryan. “It is THE name in theatrical lighting. “

The pre-requisites for the grant werethat the applying organization must be specifically purposed for any of the following: Performing Arts, Performing Arts Education/Welfare, Community Betterment, Wizard Development, ETC Employee-driven.

Bryan applied under the fact the AHT is a performing arts company, with the purpose of educating the community on historical events, and also largely involved with community benefit. He asked for just some basics that would greatly improve show quality.

“I asked for the minimum of what I felt we needed to truly improve our setup, with the hopes that if I ask for a tiny portion we might receive something… anything helps,” said Bryan.  “I asked for two LED wash lights, and any board that accepts midi for control.”

AHT received the LED wash lights and a new lighting board that is far more advanced than the system Chris and his team were using before. The new equipment will ensure smoother shows, less technical difficulties, and easier integration with other systems we may need to work through at the establishments where we put on shows.

“In essence these new items help to ensure true quality of equipment for the foreseeable future of American History Theater which will hopefully limit future spending on lighting equipment,” said Bryan.

We are honored to have received the grant and we are especially proud and thankful for Bryan’s work in making this first grant a reality!