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Director's Notes: "Waiting for MacArthur"

American History Theater

The seventieth anniversary of the ending of the World War II is honored with The American History Theater’s play, “Waiting for MacArthur.” The story tells the courageous journey of a twenty-two year old Midwestern women faced with the horrors of war and the eminent possibility of death at the hands of the Japanese Army in 1942.

The American History Theater will have three special ceremonies during the run of the play: Women in the Military: Past and present; World War II Veterans, and POW’s and MIA’s from all wars. A special guest speaker for the POW/MIA ceremony will Ms. Linda Todd Gepte, who was, as a child, captured and interned in the Japanese prison camp at Santo Tomas.

Four women make up the cast with the story set in the months before the attack on Pearl Harbor through the end of the war and the early years of post-war recovery.  Annie Lou Holsom, the Wisconsin nurse that joined the Army and is stationed in the Philippines Islands right after the declaration of war in 1941.  Margaret Greer,Annie Lou’s former high school English teacher.  Annie Lou’s mother, Emma and Annie Lou’s high school friend, Rosalie.